#1: John Durham Is Back – It’s Happening

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9 Responses

  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! john durham, the rumor has re-pared , nowhere to hide , ahey durham, who are you going to run cover on now ??? with lie and innuendo, cuomo, di blasi, schumer. ??? WHO , just more milking the WE THE PEOPLE TAXPAYERS money, to make a living.

  2. As a veteran defending the flag and this country it is the scrapes full what this White House and its administration is doing to America to day. When they get finished destroying America there will be no place left in the world where average people have Any right S Left

    1. Thank You Veteran for serving my/your/and their country, and yes that is a VERY SAD thing to think of, what we will have left after they (obama-biden-harris-soros-clinton- pelosi) have RAPED AMERICA, for their own selves. But on the brighter note, that will slow down the immigration, when there is NO REALLY FREE COUNTRY , left to run to. They might as well just stay home, we the US will have NO S to share.

  3. A President who has serious dementia and a VP who doesn’t have a clue what she is doing. She “worked” her way to her present position. Have to remember that she never made it past the other presidential candidates — she showed her ignorance at the pres. debates!

  4. I guess the democrats have nothing better to do except go back over old stuff, while the country is tearing itself apart, what a sad joke the Biden administration is

  5. Biden, Harris. Does anyone believe these two idiots could win anything without cheating. Ugh, such ignorant things going on for everything.

    1. This POS Pedophile and his side kick, are the biggest joke on this planet… There is no way they could win na circus game without cheating,The Election was the largest scam We have ever seen perpetrated onto the American people. qI cant wait until these clowns are kicked out of the fake white house and put in prison for TREASON against the American people.

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