#1: Joe Biden’s Grand Plan Revealed – This Changes Everything

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  2. The red and swing states need to introduce legislation that illegal aliens are not entitled to receive state entitlements. The federal government needs to fund these unfounded entitlement. If the federal government lets them in they need to take care of the illegal aliens.

    1. You said that right. They do not deserve Police protection or Secret Service protection, let them pay for their own protection instead of the tax Payers, besides they hate the Police and want to fire all of them.

      1. They deserve to be sent back immediately upon finding them. They have no right to come here illegally. Take the time to come legally and you are welcome but otherwise you are not.

  3. Beijing joe, harris and their entire support staff need to be charged with treason, hauled off to GITMO till their military tribunals; once convicted stand them up in front of a military firing squad and be rid of them. Be sure to include fraudbama, his mooch, commie pelosi and her goon squad in the purge.

  4. His whole administration is a bunch of traitors to this country and the people in it. This is all to make sure he has paid voters in all the states that have absolutely no use for him or the scum that works for him. He will put them where he can direct them to either cause problems or vote illegally for his bunch again at the polls. He and his administration is nothing more then the scum of the earth.

      1. Yep the votes are the plan and that means we will not be able to ever have a fair election again. All states but especially those boarder states need to have very strict rules for voting and need to see those rules are followed exactly.

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