#1: Joe Biden Video Tells ALL – Caught Red-Handed

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  1. Do not forget it is possible he supports his criminal brother, and his son Hunter may be illegally harming the country with his affairs in Ukraine and China. Joe himself may be involved with China that is harming the country and was elected, so now China may have leverage on him as President. Just think of that if true. A sitting US President beholding to our enemy the Chinese! My Opinion for what it is worth.

  2. First – he just signs! He has no idea what he’s doing!! AND – Second – this is happening quickly so that he can claim he did a lot of “stuff”… Pelosi will soon pull the plug and we’ll be stuck with KamHarris!!! HORRIBLE! ALL options are horrifying.

    1. That stack of exective orders on bidens desk is what obama has been working on for the last four years so why is anyone surprised. Make no mistake obama is controlling what is going on. Don’t believe me ,look at how many of obamas cronies are working in the biden administration. Joe biden reads every word that comed out of his mouyh when he is in front of a camera.

    2. Pelosie pulls the plug, we are not only stuck with Harris, but she will become vise president. How long will Harris really be President?
      The plot thickens!

  3. Joseph R. Biden mirrors his leftist party very well and he also looks like Walter the manikin on a comedian show of Dunams.

  4. God hates lying and all liars go to Hell. Everyone needs to repent and accept Jesus as Lord and then turn their life around

  5. He is a puppet for the leftist members in congress, but he will face his maker someday soon, the bad news is who is in line to replace him

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