#1: Joe Biden STUMBLES At Crucial Moment – This Could Destroy Him

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  1. For all of our fellow Christians reading this comment “Israel Will Never Fail”. The Lord will protect His country and those also who support Israel. Israel is a small country but a mighty country. They have the dome to destroy rockets coming towards them. They blow up their targets. This is just awful what is happening to Israel and as our country the president (if you can call him that) seems to be sending money to Palestine who are funding Hamas. That’s a great thing to do. NOT!!!!!! Meddigo is land in Israel where the last battle between the Lord and Satin will be fought. With one word from the Lord all the demons will die and then the Lord and Satin will fight the battle and the Lord will cast Satin into hell for 1000 years. I guess what I am trying to say is this is prophecy. It’s in the Bible. Especially the Book of Revelations. Stay true and strong with our Christian Faith this is foretold.

  2. Biden is a fake president and indeed they the Dems stole the election with fraud and misconduct by our election officials in states that will find that the FEDs in office will not do them any good what so ever. The governors are crooks and the people in those states are already paying the price for the fraud of this last election. Biden should step in and help Israel. but if Obamas group has anything to do about it . They will sit back and watch Israel burn to the ground like they do here in some of our cities. They are scum and need to be eliminated period.

  3. The man in incompetent! He should not have been eligible to even run! The Democrats stole this election! Between the uncounted and illegal votes he received, they should be removed! He brought back the whole loser Obama Admin and now their being led by an imbecile! We are at risk and it’s not fair that our Country is being destroyed by the immature leftist nut cases that have been implanted into our law making branch of our Gov.. These kids and brainless adults do not consider the consequences of the actions they have taken!

  4. I’m Biden are you my husband are you my wife are you my dog and who’s Kamala??? I’m writing from the old folks home! Please tell me, am I the president????

    but, but, but 80,000,000 + Americans voted for these frauds. (Biden and Kamala!) Where are they??? They seemed to have vanished into thin air or did they ever exist? Why don’t you see them all over the place like when they came out for President Trump? You be the judge! Hmmmmmm!

    I’m Biden, I think? And I support this message.

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