#1: Joe Biden LOSES His Last Ally – This Is Unprecedented

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Nancy (@guest_388498)
1 month ago

Boy I sure agree with that. But this is not a first or the last Fu** up by Biden and his merry men at the WH. They all need to be resigning and get out of the WH for good.

alicia cervera (@guest_388461)
1 month ago

Well deserved. CNN finally had to admit biden lied and is a disaster. Well, so is CNN! they lied over & over &over for their emperor and now they have egg on their face and Im so happy.

Deborah A smi (@guest_388784)
Reply to  alicia cervera
1 month ago

I feel like this is so horrible that the United States has become a mockery for other nations and who is going to stop the Taliban from starting problems for our safety to live free here.they have everything they need to get here to the United States and do whatever they want because we have a blubbering idiot who is President Biden !! I feel sorry for the Democrats that this was the best you had for President of the Super Power United States of America! I feel your pain!! Truly,I do. And I pray that he will be stopped before he destroys us with his rhetoric!! He should not be able to do anything without someone to oversee what he is doing!!!!

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