#1: Joe Biden DROPS Stunning Threat – He’s Finally Doing Something…

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hank beel (@guest_390738)
29 days ago

Many people have and will die on the three prong biden death machine and the blood is squarely on Uncle Ice Cream!!!

  1. Wide open borders and terrorists catch a free ride on the biden train to kill and destroy
  2. Daily leftist anarchy in cities even to this very day that biden clearly supports or he would do something to end it.
  3. Taliban and the rest of the foreign dictators who hate America will see many Americans die.

**This man belongs in a mental institution for the criminally insane as does his son, and many other leftist swampocrats!

Last edited 29 days ago by hank beel
Lynn (@guest_390574)
29 days ago

Democrats at least Biden Kamala Nancy , Chuck ,Adam and Omar need to be impeached and charged with treason and jailed till their court date. This is unacceptable.

Dennis (@guest_390587)
Reply to  Lynn
29 days ago

Immediately before Russia and China strike and he bows to them. These people are deadly to all Patriots.

James (@guest_390567)
29 days ago

Biden thinks nig talk will make up for his complete incompetence. It will not. Biden will do nothing to the Iranians or anyone else.

The taliban will be television beheading of Americans and American supporters in two weeks. Biden will do nothing.

Every single liberal and democrat is equally responsible for this disaster

MeWynne (@guest_390572)
Reply to  James
29 days ago

God forbid, but unfortuntely you might be right – re 2nd para.

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