#1: Joe Biden Devastated – Everything Is Going Wrong

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11 Responses

  1. Biden and Harris must be removed from our government
    Because if them we are no longer the United States of America we are the Divided states. So sad they have destroyed our once great country.

  2. Biden is so bad he’s even worse than Jimmy Carter — and Carter was an absolute disgrace.

  3. Carter was a disaster as president but he has done much good as a Christian man. Obuma and chinajoe are good at anything except corruption and division. Mike Obama is a real piece of crap.

  4. The fact that Carter and Obama both were awarded Nobel Peace Prizes is no surprise, considering the left-leaning bias of the Committee…
    at least Carter had done a little to deserve the award, whereas Obama had barely warmed up the seat in the Oval Office before they granted him his honor, thereby lessening its value and meaning. Carter was at least a decent man, respected for his actions outside of the White House. Not so BHO.

  5. What else would Sleepy, Creepy, Uncle Joe expect…the democrabs have a history of putting incompetent people in positions of authority and then WONDERING why their plans fail. Duh!

  6. Until Barack Obama Jimmy Carter was the worst (as in incompetent) president of my lifetime. Joe Biden is the worst yet!

  7. He’s going down for the Democratic President that thought he would bring Americans to kneel to this crazy woke crap. We will tell Facebook and Twitter they have no idea what we are made of. They want to think of themselves as rulers. Not happening.

  8. “Real help” is not what you might think. To be specific, “finding someone who is truly capable of being our next real leader” is what it should be called. The criticism targeting Mr. Biden is quite telling.

  9. At the end of 4 years of Biden we will not be know as Untied States of America but rather the fighting states of America. Biden is splitting this country in so many ways that we will not be recognizable. Biden hasn’t a clue and Kamala neither as to how to run a country. They are destroying us right before our very eyes. We need real help to protect America from these two idiots.

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