#1: Is Kamala In CHARGE?

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18 Responses

  1. Sure wish we still had politicians(any party) that cared about america and americans)untill then it is only going to get worse.defend what you have before you reach for more.

    …billp. Indiada

  2. My stomach gets butterflies with fear when I think of Kamala as our President. We knew Biden was a set up and here it comes! God help us we are headed for a frieghtful Country.

  3. Knew that one would be censored too. Go online. Search: email Biden. Email Ted Cruz. Email Matt Gaetz. Email your reps. Express your displeasure and encourage the 25th Amend

  4. It is shameful to see the Democratic party use Biden in his condition. I agree this is elder abuse in the worst way
    Got to know deep state behind this. Harris is unfit nor qualified to step up and Pelosi is just as bad a Biden. This presidency is a farce. We the people should step up and tell our Congress and Senate that we need to stop this destruction and have another election. I do not know why Jill Biden allows her husband to be used and abused this way. She should put a stop to this travesty. I am mortified to see him struggle. There is no way Biden can be president in his mental state and status as fragile asd it is. I am no democrat but I am sorry to see these political hacks and the deep state use him as they do. Appauling!

    If we do not make it known this should be stopped our country will end up being the CCP of America and we will all be doomed to horrible conditions.

    I pray I am wrong but what I currently see brings up huge red flags to me…

    1. Covered a lot of ground. Good job. As I see things the only answer is a new election could yield a non-partisan President. I only want someone who cares about what is best for the country and its’ citizenry. A person who says to the politicians DO YOUR JOBS! A person who streamlines the Federal Government by trimming those employees who are Retired In Place, the bureaucrats. A President who says Stop to illegal crossings at our borders and will enforce the existing laws.

      1. We elected the person who stood up for us. The election was stolen by the crazy Demo party, with Pelosi, Obama, and a large crew to think up evil. They must get their wrongdoings straighten out. GOD is on their THRONE!

    1. Obama stayed in Washington to control. He has been behind this mess for 12 years. Another 4 is coming up. It is disgraceful no one seems to be able to control the Mad Party.

  5. We all know by now that this whole mess was pre-planned. Biden and Harris were the last two democrats wanted in office. Something needs to be done to stop this utter crap. In under 2 months our country has been destroyed. And conservatives are sitting on their butts, except for a few of you, who are fighting back. It is illegal to allow illegals into this country this way !!!!! And what are conservatives doing about it ????? Nothing that I can see. It is pathetic and me and others have had enough. DO SOMETHING !!!!! STOP this madness !!!! Start fighting back and get it out there how bad things are going. Make your point a little stronger. Go after them cowards and destructors just like they went after Trump. Give it back to them. Let the people know just how bad Biden is doing. He is not fit to be in government and neither is Harris. For the love of God——-DO SOMETHING.

  6. We all know that Biden is just puppet and this action is an other example of this. It could also mean that the democrats do not trust him to have access to nuclear weapons

    1. I agree , Biden is a puppet he has been from the beginning, he was the choice simply because he Was the least offensive, old man being bullied by President Trump thats what people generally thought , what people did not think about was his running mate, Kamala Harris who was and is not even tolerable to many Americans. So sleepy Joe from the beginning of his so called presidential has been pulled in all kinds of directions by Kamala, so what a surprise to all when Sleepy Joe wakes up and does something on his own which turns into a immediate disaster. That’s why his press secretary can’t even answer a question by the press , just refers the questions to different government agencies!! Sso yes Kamala is running things and pretty soon Joe will develop some illness like he has already said and bow out so Harris will be the acting president. Isn’t that comforting!!!Not but unfortunately we are all in for the roller coaster ride for the next four years. I have nightmares every night, hold on America very ,very tight.

    2. I do not trust Harris with nuclear weapons or anything else pertaining to our country or lives. Every decision she makes is again WHITE people. She should be impeached as well as her puppy dog. I was not aware of not getting along with people of color until these crazies formed a United Front! Harris and the Demos are disgusting – a forever statement that will not change. Destroying everything President Donald Trump built is a disaster and a sin. Yes, Trump is still my president! God is the only ONE who can straighten the Demo mess out.

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