#1: Horrifying Photos Emerge – This Is Insurrection!

(Obviously, this tweet is sarcastic – these photos are of the BLM riots, not Republicans)

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  1. Fascists took power in America.Many voices from Dems are calling for concentration camps for Trump supporters.They already started to fire from work Trump supporters. They are taking free speech from people.You can not mention “election 2020 “, “use ” he “or “she ” or ” mother ” or “father “. Trump supporters are hunted by fascists.

    1. It may be a good idea to re-register your political party if you are a Republican, since the Left will undoubtedly have immediate access to the voter rolls which will be a voluntary hit list for them to pursue monolithic control. Continue to vote your conscience and your party, but don’t give them easy access to your mind, much as they would like to have it.

  2. I’m calling on you to get ready and hang your flag upside down to let the American people know WE ARE UNDER SIEGE!!!!

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