#1: Here’s The Truth About Marjorie Taylor-Greene

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  1. I stand with Marjorie Taylor-Green she is what the Republicans need (guts). The Republicans need to learn to fight back. It’s up to them to take our country back from Capitan Dememto. Get off your keister ang fight as dirty and they do.

  2. I stand with Marjorie Taylor Greene — many of the Republicans should follow and support her standing up against the left. Look who they support in their party — in their opinion–none of the can do no wrong in their sight. If you continue to side with the left you need to be replaced. Now Ted Cruz is bashing Trump — most of you appear to have your own interest at play. I will not give money until the Republican Party get on board with each other and stick together on working to save this Country. How are we going to have fair elections — what has changed since Nov. 3, 2020 and GA in 1/2021?????????

    1. It is time for Republican politicians get with the program. The Democrats hate them, they hate themselves, the media hates them, and now they are getting their own voters to hate them. It all started with the Obama ‘s who hate this country and have done more to harm race relations than the kkk. If this country is so racist, how did he get elected twice? I still don’t understand how a policy disagreement is racist, and I don’t know why the Democrats think he is so great since he did more to hurt this country and now his understudy is following his footsteps. What happened to unity? The only unity they want is for everyone to do as they want.

  3. By the time another election rolls around America will be unrecognizable!!!
    It will be a miracle if America can bounce back from the Biden years!!!
    Sooo Sorry to my children and grandchildren!!!!

  4. I stand with Marjorie Green, Fawley and Ted Cruz, the Republicans need to stand with her because they know she’s right, McConnel is a fence stradler. And he knows she is right. The ones that voted against Trump needs to give up their Rep seats and go where they belong left.

  5. More “Bolshevikie” from the democommie left- -they know they haven’t “converted” enough of America yet, so they fear anyone who stands up to them to show the world what they are really about. Marjorie Taylor-Greene, YOU GO, GIRL, bring it and shove it down their throats! Just watch your sixes, the democommies don’t take kindly to opposition and have turned American politics into a dangerous, life-threatening game. I can name too large a number who have lost the match.

  6. I have limited funds and no money available to contribute. However: HOW CAN MITCH MCCONNELL, MITT ROMNEY, THE SUPREME COURT (and others) BE SO BLIND AND IGNORANT?IT IS “INTUITIVELY CLEAR TO EVEN THE MOST CASUAL OBSERVER” THAT THIS ELECTION WAS FRAUGHT WITH FRAUD TO OVERRIDE THE LEGITIMATE VOTES!!!!FURTHERMORE; THE SENATE AND HOUSE WERE DERELICT IN THEIR DUTY TO VERIFY ALL LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE COUNTED, AND ENSURE THAT ALL NON-LEGITIMATE VOTES WERE REJECTED!!!!I fully support President Donald J Trump, recognize he truly loves this country and stands firmly for what is right, for the Constitution and for We The People of The United States of America. There is a very huge silent majority who recognizes that We as well as He are under attack by the radical left. Democ’rats. (Which is what the Democrat Party needs to be renamed as that name accurately reflects their Attitude and Hate for all that is good for our nation.) Democ’rats should never be referred to as being the Democratic Party, because there isn’t anything in their platform or conduct that indicates they adhere to Democratic principles. Anyone who refers to them as being Democratic or being The Democratic Party is either ignorant or lacks even an ounce of intelligence.Just make sure as Republican members/candidates for the Senate and House you will fully support and stand with President Donald J Trump, truly love this country and stand firmly for what is right for the Constitution and We The People of The United States of America. If you do, I am confident the huge silent majority will elect/retain you to represent them. DO IT!

  7. if only we could elect 250 more like Greene and get rid if the Rhino’s like Murkowski, Cruz, McConnell, Romney creepers and the rest of the turn coat Republican party then and only then can we turn this country around. Keep it coming Marjorie Greene and don’t give up.

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