#1: George Floyd Trial BOMBSHELL – Rumors Swirl

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  1. Suppose to be innocent till proven guilty but in America these days if yoyr white your guilty till proven innocent.

  2. 1 fact no one mentions, If Floyd had obeyed the lawful orders of the police this would not have
    happened this way. Floyd died from an overdose which might have been prevented if he had
    obeyed the Police orders then paramedics might have been able to save his life.

  3. It took three cops to subdue Floyd. Apparently the knee restraint was taught to the police in Minnesota. If Floyd had not resisted arrest he would not have died. I feel the city was wrong to have paid out money to the Floyd family before the trail. It’s misleading. Between the go fund me page millions and the city payout , who said crime doesn’t pay.

  4. If he is convicted, BLM won’t have a reason to loot. They are hoping he is free so they can have a reason to riot and loot businesses.

  5. That pay out is crazy .that was a rip off from the tax payers.when all the damage was done to the city by these people because this guy was so doped up did not know what was going on .the Attorney will take most of it .these people need to take their money and go away.i guess any one can sue.i think they will find him not guilty because of all the drugs in his system.

  6. I do not know how police officers are trained in Minneapolis, so I do mot know if putting a knee on someone’s neck is kosher, or not. I do know that the first time I saw that video it was the MSM’s edited version. I was horrified. Then I saw the full un-cut version and it was an eye-opener. I don’t know why I should have been surprised that the media would edit a video and then show it to the public, but at least 3 times they have done so. Mr Floyd did not deserve to die, but from everything I have seen and heard since he was not murdered nor was he killed by the police. He was resisting arrest and saying he could not breathe before he was put in the police car. When he kept saying he had claustrophobia (even though he had just been in a car), they let him out of the car and he continued to physically resist arrest, say he couldn’t breathe, call for his mother, and refuse to follow the police instructions. He told them he had covid19. The ME confirmed this; the ME also said he died of heart failure because he had heart problems and with the virus and the fentanyl, and pot in his system he basically killed himself. Why do not parents of young men teach them to obey the police instead of resisting arrest and making heroes out of out right thugs, such as Michael Brown.

  7. It has been proven that Floyd died from an overdose of Fentynyl, but they still want to pin it on the white Police officer who was just doing his job. Amazing, and they say whites are prejudice. Blacks got the prejudice thing down to a science

  8. With democrats in office, everyone but them are racist. The floyd guy was too high on drugs to say the cop killed him. Next time let this be a lesson. Cops stop you just do what they say. Even if you do go to jail you will out in no time. Now most states just issue you a summons at appear. No need to fight it. It is not worth your life

    1. The same kind of circus was done by the mob in 1996or 1997with that jerk in LA, California ( the guy that said : “ can’t we all get along ??”
      After he even got some big $$$$$ after suing the police , shortly after that the whole world saw what a jerk this guy was and how the cops were just doing their job. ( the jerk also was high on drugs and was giving the cops a very hard time,
      resisting arrest and so on ).
      In this latest case, probably the prosecution would do whatever it takes to make sure the cop will never get out of jail for life … only because otherwise the mob will destroy the whole town .
      That’s the way the justice system works nowadays!!!!

  9. Is proscuting a cop for arresting a known criminal, with an outstanding arrest warrant,
    High on illegal drugs, who resists arrest, who has enough drugs in his system to kill himself, who was yelling I can’t breath even before he was taken down worth all the riots, killings and a huge payout at tax payers expense the smart thing to do.

    1. Based on the medical examiner’s (ME) report of George Floyd’s body, you are right, Watcher. The ME said that Floyd would have died in his own room sooner than later because he had so much Fentanol to kill a horse. The defendant is not responsible for the COD (cause of death). Not guilty! BLM is guilty of propagating a lie because that’s who they are: LIARS!

      1. My following statement is directed toward ALL people. When an officer of the law tells a persons to stay down, why doesn’t that person stay down? I wouldn’t dare to not do as I’m instructed to by an officer of the law regardless of whether I was doing something wrong or not. This decision for subduing was made years ago by the ones who train our policemen and military. The officer walking the street didn’t make that training decision. He’s just following the rules. Have been told people on drugs have enhanced strength. Just stay down, follow the rules and then no one will die and no one will be punished for that death. However the bottom line is: DON’T BREAK THE LAW!

    2. AMEN AMEN AMEN let the police officers Go free they’re innocent Floyd killed himself by being a drug addict a druggie A drunk I don’t feel sorry for George Floyd at all he brought it all on himself if hadn’t been a drunk a meth head done gone

    3. The problem w/ a ‘righteous mob’ is that they already know the outcome of a trial. Evidence from Experts matter…as long as it fits their narrative. Like a Radical Democratic(Nancy Pelosi) or the Left. So bring the trial on, present the evidence & more importantly protect the Jurors. Don’t show their faces, no cameras or cell phones allowed in. No sketch artists allowed in w/ their materials & no one sketching anything or they’ll be kicked out for the rest of the trial. The Jurors security must have priority. The trial must also be short. No grandstanding by the Prosecution who must also be restricted the same as the audience. Due Process must also be a priority. Unlike last summer where rioters were allowed to run rampant, put the boot to anyone causing a serious disturbance & set an exorbitant bail. No ‘free-bee’s’ this time around.

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