#1: Don Jr. Goes Nuclear – Fox Fans Stunned

It’s a witch hunt, plain and simple.

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  1. I believe we should leave “commie” harris alone. This poor woman is very, very mentally ill and unknowingly very happy with any attention she can get….. GOOD or BAD….She cannot tell the difference. WHY???? As I said before…she is very, very sick and has no idea about it. If we stop giving her any attention at all, she will shrivel up and blow away. She is also a very lazy person. She has NO thought of doing ANYTHING in her time with little-joe-boy.
    She is basking in the sunshine of the attention she is getting. She thinks her smile will take her anywhere….as long as it is in the spot-light of the world.
    AGAIN, this poor woman is a very, very sick person. We must feel sorry for her and take the attention away from her. If we do, again, she will actually go away.

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