#1: Disturbing Kamala And Joe Photo – This Is Creepy

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12 Responses

  1. I can’t stand either one of them, but I don’t see what is creepy about that photo. According to etiquette, the man should descend first in case the woman falls ao he can catch her. I am sure Kamala wouldn’t want Joe to fall on her.

    1. I believe this too. Some states changed the voting rules, which they had to right to do. I believe it is the legislature that takes care of this. They wanted Biden in so bad that they cheated. Some people voted for Biden because they didn’t like Trump. Very lousy reason. President. Trump
      did a lot for this country. The democrats could have done the same thing, but they have a different agenda for this country which isn’t good.

  2. Well it seems that this administration is going to break more rules, both the president and vice-president on the same flight

  3. Watching what that excuse for a v.p. and Biden s wife are doing to Joe Biden is pathetic. Instead of getting him help they send him out for the whole world to see him not knowing what he is talking about and now falling all over and his wife just wants to be first lady when she couldn’t hold a candle to Melania Trump and the v.p. just keeps laughing. God forgive you.

  4. I thought the President and his immediate successor Kama Kama kamel ion were not supposed to travel together in case some accident decapitates the executive branch. Or is it that Kama Kama lame lion is the President and pelousy is the Vice President. Biden just being a useless figurehead.

  5. She needs to give up. She’s just waiting for him to give up so
    she can take over. We need to get President Trump to tell
    them he won the election. He’s the one that should be in
    the White House.

  6. Like all vultures they circle around the dead and go in when the time is right. She should be holding him up. King biden already shows he can fall up the steps hate to see the wind blow him down the steps. All to hail with king biden and gang

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