#1: Disturbing Joe Biden Video – This Is NOT Normal



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5 Responses

  1. Exactly when will somebody in authority grow a pair and call the last election exactly the illegal power grab that it was? I mean, the Supreme Court won’t even touch it. If something doesn’t happen soon with our “elected” civil government, the next stop on this “hand basket to hell” is probably going to be a military coup. Joint Chiefs, are you listening? China Joe has all the power AND the nuke codes. He is being handled by a bunch of swamp creatures that could give a diddly damn about this country or it’s military. All they want is power… the kind of power to bring down America to their level.

  2. Joe Biden and the so called Democrats are pathetic parasites and communist traitors. His son hunter is a pedaophile.those girls in bed with him were very young. Biden is the first president of the United States of China and will bow to the Chinese government.He has sold his soul to satan.Dr.Jill changes his depends and is his caretaker . A wife doesn’t do what she is doing. It’s bad enough in his whole career he did nothing but now he will be remembered for destroying America.standup for your country or fall with your country

  3. It makes me sick to think I thought that I would be able to be comfortable when I retired and now what Biden did to people losing jobs, big companies moving out of the USA because of what Biden’s done, since was elected gas has went up and soon other things will to. All because he thinks it’s for the good of the people well it’s not. We were better off before Biden came into the picture and all I see is disappointment, worries and the people of the United States suffering and scared. He has made it worse for us to live.

  4. These career criminals will never be sent to any jail. Ever… these creatures from under the rocks themselves will never get caught. It is always someone else in their party that gets a talking too only. They could say they did it and have video and a sign confessing and still get no time. It is all how you know.

  5. God Father Cuomo is cooked, done!
    Next on line is, Joe China Crime Family.
    Now dementia Joe wants full credit for the COVID-19 vaccines, what a Joke!
    I believe that once he hears the knock at the door he’ll soil his dippers and will not remember a thing.
    Stay tune.

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