#1: Dems TURN On Biden – He’s Screwed

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  1. Just recently Joe Biden was told he had to sign a paper. But he said he had to pee and he was to to pee after he signed. So he sat down pissed his pants signed the paper. Then ha was told he can go pee. Boy this guy is a true patriot isn’t he he one of hell great guy. Sacrificed his pants for the
    for the country.

    just recently

  2. We need t0 come together as American Citizens and let our voices be heard…WE NEED TO FINISH BUILDING THE WALL! President Trump said he would do this when he was just a candidate, and once elected, he kept his word, as he did on so many other things that were for the people, not the government and truly Making America Great Again. The present Administration are nothing more than a bunch of fear mongers that play the race card for any and all of their shortcomings. They also do not believe that Black people are smart enough to know how to obtain ID’s so I have to wonder how ,and where my grandson and my many black friends got their fake ID’s, because they all own homes, drive cars, travel, belong to the Gym and so many other things that require an ID. I believe this administration wants to supply ID’s to all of the illegals they are allowing to pour into our country in the hopes of gaining more votes in future elections. I fear for our country under this administration as they fan the flames of racism, do away with women athletes, promote teaching young minds to think as they want them to think and work towards turning our country into a totalitarian state where they are in control and should you not agree with their thinking, you are a racist and you could be “cancelled”. Scary what is happening in this country that I dearly love.

  3. The wall was working and will work. Is biden admitting his policy is wrong or flawed? after he called a world leader a killer in a public format (doesn’t matter if he was right or wrong) he has blundered into another global screwup. way to go joe

  4. well people OMAR and Tlaib are MUSLIM and what do MUSLIMS want for the USA ? TOTAL DESTRUCTION IS WHAT ! and with BIDEN throwing the border wide open was helping with what Muslims want !


  6. What a dark comedy clown show, congratulations the whole world sees right through the hidin Biden admin bs… friends, enemies, haters, disillusioned, and distraught allies… overwhelming incompetence, arrogance, and non stop bald faced lies.

  7. there are no words i can put in print about how sickening to look at and listen to omar……..total garbage

  8. I believe your welcoming statement is simply a leader. Furthermore, I believe your following statement concerning requirements for posting a comment actually censors as well, if not better, than “Big tech”. Let us recall the adage “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and consider the statement “if the present path continues there will be civil war”. Is that a fact, a warning, or an advocacy of violence, or a threat ? The other limits could also be challenged as well for presenting conservatives as “kittens” with no “round things” and not really taking this matter seriously at all. Trying to meet your conditions is like trying to walk between raindrops without getting wet. Most of us have more important things to do. No more comments from me, remove me from your list.

  9. I was wondering when some democrats were going to slam Biden for restarting the building of the border wall

    1. Well it looks like the time has come. I just hope Biden gets it done before this moment of clarity fades.

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