#1: Democrats Run Out Of Votes – Biden CRUSHED

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  1. You mean some Democrats are finally getting to see the light you mean they don’t want to push HR 1 so they can have every illegal immigrants name so they can dump ballots all day on their names you must be kidding they must be something else they want to do

  2. DEMS/RINOS are the swamp creatures……….They never do anything for the betterment of the USA……….The liberals are the same, as they are “not of sound mind” or actions……….The liberals keep voting in the dregs of society that try to destroy the USA……….JB, just like BO, Hillary, and the rest of those DEMS/RINOS………they want to make OUR USA a 3rd World Country……………Its time for WE THE LEGAL CITIZENS to follow the CONSTITUTION and destroy all those that are traitors whether domestic or foreign………….

  3. Good maybe there are a few people with brains that can see that Biden and his handlers will destroy this nation

  4. Biden was a POS when he was vp. He has gotten much worse and continues to go in that direction. Is that the best that that the dems can do? Oh yes, that’s right, they printed a lot of extra ballots for him.

  5. Biden needs to be impeached for not performing his duties. he can’t speak ,his mind is lost he doesn’t know where he is half the time.he does not come out much.no announcements about anything.no press conferences no anything .and look at the border at the people coming in flooding our country.really invading this country. unconstitutional to invade another country.these Democrats I cant wait for them to be out with no control of anything.we have got to take back our country.

  6. Well, Old Joe and the Ho’s administration is in it’s third month. Because of stupidly attacking each other, democrats in the House and Senate have made them invalid. So Old Joe signed over a half a hundred EOs that he never read, trying to erase Trump. They even came up with a failed impeachment of a private citizen. Almost all the campaign promises Old Joe made have fallen flat on their faces. So he ordered a new war because that is where democrat power shines. As for the Ho, she is no more relevant in any supportive areas than the worn out girdle she wears. Mostly because she got to the top on her back but at 56 years old, even that’s quickly wearing thin.

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