#1: Democrats Get MUGGED – Shock Image


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  1. There always is a price to pay for bad decisions. Unfortunately the taxpayers will have to foot the bill to attract and train new police candidates. They are also paying the price of defunding the police because they are living with increased crime. What a shame! Remember, you get what the voters put into office.

  2. Gosh I am shocked, the police are defunded and crime goes up, what a dumb move I feel sorry for the ordinary people who have to put up with this

  3. Goes to prove”there’s a idiot born” every minute in the demoRats party. Poor slobs are reaping what they wanted Now want to cry !!

  4. Hopefully no police officer will work for them. These men don’t deserve to be beaten by a bunch of thugs. They should work for red states who are appreciated by them. You redo what you sew my momma would say

  5. I mean honestly….. how can we clear Washington of this demonic plague of these DEMS…. they are the scum of the earth and has somehow collected there, hiding behind a wire fence ….. scared …. SCARED OF WHAT????? Perhaps that they are there illegitimately ….. they know the game is up??? Who in their right mind will need a wire fence and patrolled by the National Guards!!! There should be an investigation as to the real reason this is happening…. again what are the Dems scared of…..

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