1 dead and 6 wounded in Texas shooting

One person is dead and four in critical condition after a shooting at Kent Moore Cabinets in Bryan, Texas according to Mediaite

According to initial reports, seven people were shot during the incident which took place around 3 p.m local time. 

KBTX-TV (CBS) anchor Rusty Surette tweeted as news began to break that the mass shooting took place in the 300 block of Stone City Drive and at least six injured.

By 6:15 p.m. Bryan police reported that the suspect, who was a former employee of Kent Moore Cabinets, was in custody, though his motive was still unknown. 


According to NBC Los Angeles, at least one law enforcement was among those shot during the incident. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement about the shooting saying, “I have been working closely with the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers as they assist local law enforcement on a swift response to this criminal act. Their efforts led to the arrest of the shooting suspect.

“The state will assist in any way needed to help prosecute the suspect. Cecilia and I are praying for the victims and their families and for the law enforcement officer injured while apprehending the suspect,” Abbott said.

This shooting comes as President Joe Biden is vowing to enact stricter gun control in what is no doubt a key issue for his most loyal fan base. 

It is, as yet, unclear how that further control will be implemented, or how Democrats plan to make it more closely followed than the laws already on the books about not murdering people, but as of now, the plan continues. 

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48 Responses

  1. Our idiot president said “not all amendments are absolute.” Is there some way we can have a little bit of free speech? A part of a weapon to protect ourselves? Can we have a little bit of religious freedom? How does that work? We are either a free people or we are not. That is a fact, and no amount of political doubletalk will change anything. What he is saying is that he wants to take away more and more of our rights under the Constitution and that, of course, is Unconstitutional. The left is aiming to destroy our great country so they do not care about our rights!

  2. Brain dead biden can’t understand that gun control will not stop criminals from breaking the law. He also can’t understand that allowing our southern border to be wide open allowing COVID infected criminals into our country won’ help our COVID infection rate or lower the crime rate in our country.

  3. Pray for the families of the VICTIMS, BUT VENTILATE THAT S-O-B P-O-S !!! DON’T LET HIM WASTE ANY MORE AIR !!!!!

  4. I can’t believe that White House is that stupid..wait!…yes I can. They are not taking my gun that is for sure..I need some way to know that if they (the government) come for me then I have some way to protect myself.
    Want some fun? Go to the white house web site and email them on every thing that bugs you. You will get a standard form letter so let them know what you think of that as well. Bombard them with emails they need to have so many emails they won’t know what to do. Of course that is par for course regarding them but you can still help. Since you leave comments in the paper why not email the white house. Thats how they got in was bombarding the nation with fake news. If we want our country back then we need to do our part as well. Keep in contact with those that you elected as they need our help as well. Lets give them the knowledge that we approve or disapprove of what they are doing. Tolerance does not mean being a door mat, have courage, let your voices be heard!

  5. With all these replies against Biden it makes me wonder who in the hell voted for him? Not me nor did 80 million others.

  6. The Democrats probably paid this person to do this. Then their argument for gun control will make sense to all the dumb democrats who “voted” for these jokes of politicians.Hope CNN and MSNBC really play this one up. The poor victims never had a chance.

  7. Does it seem strange to anyone else that when Biden starts trying to take away guns form
    the legitimate gun owners there is a sudden rash of shootings all over. Am I being paranoid
    or does this seem a bit too convenient in order to give his demands merit? I don’t know why
    but I am thinking there is a ‘skunk in the house’ with this one. Something is beginning to
    stink to high heaven. Just thinking out loud……

  8. We have enough laws as it is, you don’t have a law that prevents an evil mind and heart! Every time a gun is shot, right away the left wants more gun control, inbelievable!

  9. All this democrat induced Covid lockdown crap has people stressed to the max. Business’s failing, people out of work, and It’s getting worse thanks to Democrats like Biden, Harris, and Pelosi. Jobs are scarce, people are hungry, and here come more illegals to compete for what little is left for legal citizens. Democrats want to disarm the American people before the civil war erupts into full blown chaos. Or, is this what they want, after all, they are fanning the flames of discontent with their actions.

  10. Paul E, I agree to convenient, sounds like these people are being encouraged by the Democrats to get someone to side with Biden. In my opinion, they should investigate these people’s monetary report from banks, overseas accts, or any other financial support.

  11. If our leaders would work for the betterment of citizens, instead of always suppressing the rights and livelihoods of citizens, there would be a kinder mindset from the citizenry.

  12. Welcome to Biden concentration camps
    Sig Hiel

    One decade left till the end……
    100, 000,000 dead
    Hitler tried buying everyone
    Like nazi Biden…

  13. Does anyone notice that when dem’s are in control that these shootings start happening, DO YOU THINK IT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE GUN CONTROL CRAP THEY ARE ALWAYS PUSHING AND APPARENTLY THEY DO NOT CARE HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE TO GET WHAT THEY WANT !!!

  14. When a pedestrian is run down and killed by a drunk driver where is the outrage to take the cars away from law-abiding citizens? You don’t need stricter gun laws, enforce the laws on the book, and jail the criminals with illegal guns.

  15. There were too few guns.
    The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

  16. All these shootings all of the sudden seem a little to convenient. Especially at a time when some of the hard core democrats are pushing for gun control.

  17. My grandchild came home with a failing grade on a spelling test.I don’t know about you but I think we should not allow students to have pencils.

  18. It seems during the reign of king Obama and now comrade Biden there was an increase in these tragedies. I could very well be wrong, but has anyone ever done the research?

        1. By the time they get to the point of they’re going to kill the devil has them so firmly in his grasp, that the death penalty has no meaning for them. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws on the books, and look at the crime rate in that city, not someplace I’d want to live. I believe the death penalty should be used for anyone who takes a human life, unborn or old, and anyone in between. We have all the gun laws on the books that we need, what they fail to realize that if someone is hell bent on killing they’re going to find a way guns or not.

    1. You are probably right, a lot of it because of the stupid laws and restrictions they put on businesses raises stress levels, some if not most probably set ups so they can try to enforce more gun laws to unarm the populace and make it easier to take away our rights so they can bring in communism easier.

    2. They are shoot the wrong people they need to shoot Pelosi, Biden, and Kamala and AOC. They are the corrupt ones.

        1. Sounds like a winner to me….. LEAVE OUR GUNS ALONE…We may need them to defend our families from all the ILLEGAL ALIENS that BIDEN’s OPEN BORDER POLICY has created…….. CLOSE THE BORDER, TEAR DOWN THE FENCE around the White House, IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, PELOSI, SCHUMER and others that are in the White House that are ruining OUR AMERICA….. Needs to be done IMMEDIATELY…….

      1. See. there you go. Statements like that just give the anti freedom- anti gun people more reason to believe that we ( pro freedom-gun ) people are violent homicidal people which we are not. PLEASE stop feeding their wrong ideas about us. We rid ourselvs of these people by vote and legal action against them. Then if that fails, we fight. I AM A PATRIOT AND DAMN PROUD OF IT. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR FREEDOM. FREEDOM FOREVER.

      2. I see someone is thinking with common sense.. They want the guns out of the law biding people so they can murder those who don’t agree with them the Goverment!!

    3. Same thing I’m have noted. Since Biden there have been repeated shootings. I sooner suspect the Democrats Are instigating this to further their agenda.

      1. I agree it is so abvious believe me the people coming in with no check, they are walking around like they have the same rights as Americans with no responsibility, none of them are wearing masks, they have no rules in place and someone is directing them paying their way here, they have every thing they need brand new clothes, cell phones, cars to bring in drugs and the rest of their peeps , it’s a little late to give obey to their counties to stop them, that’s ridiculous! Tell them they cannot come here!

    4. My thoughts as well, these type of incedences were not happening when Mr. trump was in office at the rate they seem be to be happening now. Right when the Democrats are pushing to restrict our 2 amendment right’s. Makes one think maybe there’s something else going on. There are plenty of laws on the books, let’s start enforcing them, you have Hunter Biden lying on Federal papers to get a fire arm why don’t we start at the top

  19. Its not gun control they need to change. Its mental health programs for people who would commit a crime like this. Criminals will always find a way to get a gun. But Responsible, Legal Citizens are the ones your taking the guns from. We have a right to defend ourselves.

      1. Democrats had all these people under lock down for to long for nothing real bad people going nuts no jobs the democrats caused the hole mental problems

        1. I absolutely agree, guns have never killed a single person in our country ever, people kill people, we need to enforce the thousands of existing gun laws on the books, paying particular attention to our instant background check system, providing all necessary funding to make sure that even the smallest out of the way political jurisdiction has the proper equipment and money to keep background system updated in a timely manner! The time to fight is now, our right to defend ourselves is being taken away from us, that must not happen!

    1. Capital murder charges need to be filed against the killer and prosecuted vigorously until this killer gets put down. No more excuses. We get rid of garbage in our homes…the prisons need to get rid of garbage like these killers….permanently.

    1. There would be MORE dead if people didn’t have the right to protect themselves. More people are killed with knives than guns. Where’s the outcry about that? Ban knives?

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