#1: Covid Lab Leak BOMBSHELL – Nation Stunned

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  1. The CCP has launched Bio warfare. Next, is it Ebola?
    POTUS needs to offer $10m reward for solid proof of demonRat collusion with the CCP& Wuhan Lab.

  2. The Corona Bomb was dropped by The DemonRatPack Mafia and their MSM goons, One!! Dr. Muchi Min. A real Flipp Flopper, admitting to having lied to us, First, 5.Million Died by the Summer, then 2,5. MILLION. a real copy of Hitler’s scare tactics. Then ((50.000)) doctors worldwide Signed the Big Great Barrington Declaration, Declaring the Swine Flu to be 10.X worse than Corona. But all the left twisted MSM will newer Tell You, So who do You Belive, One Crazy Dr, & CNN, or 50K. Doctors.

  3. I read that Obama and Fauci visited Wuhan Labs in December 2019. The internet has been scrubbed of all this information! Why? Conspiring to take President Trump down?

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