#1: Corruption In The White House – Kamala Harris EXPOSED

The Biden administration is handing out Kamala Harris’s books to children that have crossed the southern border. Harris’s books are being paid for by the Federal Government.

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11 Responses

  1. Biden and Harris have no scruples what-so-ever. Those are my tax dollars that are paying for her effing stupid book! This is a criminal act, arrest her and arrest Biden for allowing those illegals in, this is against all our immigration laws. WHEN WILL SOMEONE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM? 100 days of what, blatant stupidity.

  2. These violent people need to be placed in the areas where all these Democrats live ,Biden,Harris and let them see what it’s really like to dealing with all the damage ,violence these people have done to other people ,their cities. Democrats have no clue and dont care about the violence going on everywhere this is part of their plan .these BLM,ANTIFA, AND ALL THE REST OF THE VIOLENCE SHOULD BE DIRECTED AT THE DEM0CRATS IN WASHINGTON THEIR THE REASON PEOPLE ARE ANGRY, MAD ,PISSED OFF THE WAY THE DEMOCRATS ARE TURNING THIS COUNTRY UPSIDE DOWN.IF IT TURNED AROUND ON WASHINGTON ALL THIS CRAP MIGHT STOP.WASHINGTON AND THE REST OF THE CLOWNS NEED TO FOLLOW THE LAWS THAT WAS BEFORE THESE CLOWNS CAME IN.HARRIS,BIDEN PELOSI AND OTHERS SHOULD BE IMPEACHED ASAP. REPUBLICANS NEED TO GET ON IT AND PUT THESE CLOWNS OUT OF OFFICE.

    1. Republicans cannot impeach anybody until they are in the majority. Trump is trying very hard to make sure that happens in 2022.

  3. Guess that is the only way her book will sell, but it makes me made to think that my tax dollars are being used for this farce

  4. 2 different reality tv shows here.. the new wokehouse with the most worst cast ever. Worst show ever wish the would cancel them like they are doing to we the people, one by one… why not just give these new democraps a manison in the hills and a cash stop that never stops.. the new untouchables

  5. can now be called a racist we should not be paying for this she should be arrested for using government funds to promote a child’s book. Impeach her for illegal use of government funds.

    1. TERRY, your language from the gutter does NOT raise you any higher than you consider her. Do you live in the gutter? Do you NOT know any other words in the English language> doesn’t make you seem like the brightest bulb on the shelf~!

      1. Well Ali even though his choice of language is not all that appealing to some people such as yourself but It sure hits the mark and if that bothers you then that is just too bad. Because indeed that is how she got where she is now and it is how she will get where she is going in the future because she sure does not give a rats about this country at all or anyone in it.

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