#1: CASUALTY Report Comes In – This Is Horrible


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Pattie P Kelly (@guest_390441)
29 days ago

Air strikes are in order after 08/31/21 deadline looms. Flus out the terrorists and then bomb the hell out of them. I am sure some innocent people will be caught up in the fight but America has to do SOMETHING because Biden can’t figure out what to do. He has blind folds on.

THOMAS (@guest_390168)
30 days ago

We must be sure to kill 1,000 Tliban for every US Citizen and Military Personnel killed in Afghanistan since the first of August ! If it takes a few Nukes to take them out then so be it ! We need not deal with TERRORISTS ! Make Afghanistan a waste area for 200 years !

Lynn (@guest_390167)
30 days ago

Impeach and jail for treason all top democrats biden, Kamala , nancy, chuck, Adam ,Omar or any Democrat agreeable with this administration!!

Lou (@guest_390204)
Reply to  Lynn
30 days ago

Amen Biden needs to be gone, he is a weak President we need a real leader for our country. Trump all the way!!!!!!!

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