#1: Capitol Riots LIE Exposed – I KNEW It

I knew there was something more to this story.

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  1. It is so very Sad what Times and others print anything negative about Trump especially when it is False. Could you imagine any press saying something like this about Biden

  2. There is too much damage that can be done in four years. If all this information is true then the SCOTUS should nullify the election period. It is time the Democrats were finally caught and sent to GITMO. Maybe that is why I read where Hillary is leaving the states.

  3. Being A Brit I Follow The Posts From The States .This I must admit was started When Donald Trump Advised America He was Running For President . I Knew What a Great President He Would Be Body Language and Future Hopes Did it For Me , can I Take you Back to the 1990’s When Tony Blair Became Leader Of The Labour Party . By His Comments And General Profile ,I Knew He Was Not to be trusted . I Was Right we Had a Complete Traitor Who Cared Not For Britain and Certainly Not England My Home .But America Lauded Him For How Great He Was ? They Should Have Asked The People and ask The British Troops That Served In Ulster . They Are Being Hounded By The Lawyers Over Events That Took Place 50 Years Ago Whilst Terrorist Walked Free Due To Blair . But Back To America , Obama ? No I Trusted Him Not ,again Smarmy Like Blair and You Could tell His Interest Were Not Good For America . I Know They Will Not Find Donald Guilty . It appears All The Democrats have Worried About The Last Four Years Is Donald Trump Not Americans ! They Are Running Scared About Him . But Watch Biden Do’s Not Do a Blair By Filling America With Immigrants Like Blair Did For Britain To Forever Have A Leftie Vote . It Did Not work and Britain Has Denied The Likes Of Their Commie Doctrine Since .

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