#1: Biden’s 100 Days Of Terror

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18 Responses

  1. remember the ‘WE MUST IMPEACH TRUMP NOW! HE IS A DANGEROUS MAN?’ they are all lawyers and lawyers are taught to get the facts first before you take any action or you are sure to lose. Pelosi’s sudden outburst tells me one or two things or both. on those grounds, I know Pelosi is crazy and she is behind the January 6th riots. next, the word was out that an Antifa and a BLM were arrested. later FBI investigating said no BLM or Antifa were arrested. the media keeps implying trump supporters were behind the riots. but we have learned the media lies as much as the Democrat leadership. by the way, I discovered that most laypeople who voted for Biden had no knowledge as to the accomplishments of Trump and of those of Biden. no knowledge of hunter Bidens corruption or Biden’s connection with China and with Mexican drug cartels. all thanks to the big tech and media protecting Joe Biden. in other words Biden was elected by the states changing the rules, by the media and big tech censorship and blocking the Republicans tweets and the voting machines.
    watching the videos of the January 6 riots and the streets rioting I recognized the same voice and same swear words by one of the capital rioters. nowhere have I heard trump supporters were involved with the streets fighting, looting, and burning of buildings and police cars, but I know one or two street people, were at the front lines in the capital by the sounds of their voices. the FBI report saying no Antifa and no BLMS were arrested tell me the FBI is lying in their latest reports 2 months after the 6th riot. when a man said he saw at least 60 Antifa in the front lines that day and the capital police said they arrested one Antifia and one BLM but no more because we know they are tied to democrats and for years whenever a antifa is involved in rioting the democrat leadership tells the police to stand down. I could believe that it is a known fact that when they are present the cops are told by the Democrat leadership to stand down and I believe that is the reason no more Antifa or BLM’s were arrested that morning so when the FBI said no antifa or BLM were arrested I believe someone in the FBI is lying about this. putting everything together my sumation was that some trump supporters followed them in after the break in. in other words I am sure pelosi and some of her henchmen instigated this as a last ditch effort to hopefully to keep him from running in 2024. since Clinton era I have learned the democrat leadership is nothing but lies cheating, power grabbing, and false promises.

  2. I don’t blame Biden because he does not know what is going on due to dementia. I blame the Democrat leadership that put him in office and telling him each move to make. since he is not running things why isn’t he impeached? is it because they fear the worse if others take his place?

  3. 100 days of glory for the democrats though. As long as the american people suffer that seems to be alright with king biden. Kill off our jobs, freedom of speech, 2nd amendment, freedom of religion, almost done with us. We can suffer for 4 or more years now. Problaby never get rid of these clowns.

  4. This clown is the worst president in about 4 years. Between Obama and Biden they are doing everything they can to destroy our way of life and our constitutional republic. They are both traitors and should be dealt with as such.

  5. Only pResident in History of America done so much damage in such a short time!! Impeach now , we need leadership!!!

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  8. This is a real deep plan the rich one & the left it is about take everything that gives us life thier goal is to destroy us _get us out of their way so they can take over every thing I am not sure they will post this message, I well I have already said my mind. Dixie McGrath

  9. Without a doubt Biden will go down in history as one of the worst presidents we have ever had, he does not care about the country his only goal was to become president what a loser

    1. Can’t decide who is worst POTUS——Obama or Biden. However in Biden’s defense (and I am definitely not democrat) he has a nose ring and Obama, Pelosi and Soros are leading him around. Poor dumb bunny. And poor STUPID JILL. She wanted this–to see her husband unable to speak in public, know what day it is, how to dress for the day, and who knows about toileting. Does secret service have to carry along several change of clothes when he has incontinence or involuntary stools? I know Jill has made it a fact that she wants to be referred to as Dr. Jill–what? because she has a PHD. If she had a PHD, she would only think of her demented husband. Whoever her first husband is, he should be very grateful she is not his wife anymore. Jill, I hope your days in the White House are very miserable. Believe it–NO ONE LIKES YOU AS First Lady. YOU, AS WELL AS YOUR LOSER HUSBAND.

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