#1: Biden Makes Big Announcement – Kamala Furious

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  1. He did not say he was going to run in 4 years. He said he did not plan that far out so he did not know if he would run or not. He was also asked he he did run would Kamala be his running mate and he said “why not, she has been a great partner”
    Also, how does the headline author know Kamala is is furious; there is nothing to indicate that as fact. I would never vote for either one of them but if this publication continues to prioritize sensationalism over fact, I will unsubscribe. This leftist tactic must stop for to continue my subscription.

  2. There is no way in 2020 election that he won fair and square. He’s useless to the American people. Lazy bone Americans want everything for free.

    1. I agree voted in. Cheated in by a bunch of idiots and we pay for it. Sick of all his knuckle head people in his cabinet saying they will not vote in a white person . It’s ok if they are racist toward whites. A civil war on the way. And they want it. If anything is said about another race other than white. We are silenced by being knocked off Facebook or whatever we are on .

  3. I cannot understand how the AMERICAN people can put up with the day after day bumbling of biden and his so called leadership? he is weak and disgusting to watch. we need a strong leader like TRUMP. lets see the impeachment of this biden and his far left partners.

    1. Do you think putting thousands out of work, causing gasoline prices to almost double, thousands of Illegals entering the country NOTHING ?

      1. He’s a looney tunes e character. He won’t make it . He can’t even walk up stairs or take questions. Demoncratic jokester,along with her boss piglousi

        1. He won’t make it. too bad he was erroneously elected this time. A lot of people think the elections was rigged as do I. There was proof, but the judges ignored it. They must have been democRATS. Some people signed an affidavit, under threat of purgy. of the corrupt things they saw and they were fired. I also had an email from a friend showing exactly how the voting machines can be rigged.

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