#1: Biden Issues Nasty Threat – Americans Stunned

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22 Responses

  1. We should all tell him that we will not listen to him, he is not my president. I would never vote for a communist, and that is what we are looking at.

  2. This whole Administration Biden ,Harris,Pelosi, Schumer,the whole bunch is Evil Vindictive Devils they love Hate ,destruction, destroying anything that is good .they are very dark people the Democrats their sneaky ,liars ,criminals,and they would not be in the White House if they had not done it by fraud.and the supreme courts made it worst by not giving the people a voice to be heard and turning their backs on their oaths.they are liars too and hate this country they have proven it time ,time again .there are no laws for the left they do as they please this has to stop. Finish that border wall send all these free loaders back to their homes ASAP.

  3. It just occurred to me that Joe Biden is a VIRUS.
    He has infected our country with misery, divisiveness,and a hopeless future.

  4. As you know, one of the qualities of the President is that he show’s strength and leadership. Unfortunately, this President has neither.What troubles me most is that he is a COWARD when it comes to facing the American people with the truth.

  5. Why do you refuse to print my posts? It’s very time consuming to type my opinion and never have it printed! At age 84, I’m a slow typist…but I’m NOT stupid! I chose my words carefully, to not offend anyone. I also don’t use profanity. Is it solely because you disagree with my conservative opinion? Please give me an answer.

  6. F-ck off joey, you are nothing but one of many titular heads of a criminal organization bent on destroying this country and enveloping power. F. U. I will not comply.

  7. It is beyond comprehension that people believe that a Presidential candidate, who showed his face maybe 6 or 7 times& SAID NOTHING that made sense, or was going to be better than the situation that we were in financially, work (jobs), got better out of other country’s, as well as putting China, Iran, Russia, NK etc back in where they belonged. Just don’t get why people believe the CRAP out of EVERY dem libs,rad, prog. Is the way to go. They are dangerous people with.Country Killing ideas, just for power, greed, control, for their own ego.

  8. What total disgrace and sham. This whole admin is as looney as the cartoons they have banned. America needs to ban this whole left party. NOW!

  9. This whole mess is getting to be stupid, Biden is a poor excuse of a president and his whole administration is a joke and threatening the American people shows just how weak he is

    1. Maybe if the Biden losers would have followed at least some of President Trump’s plans we would not be threatening the American people with another round of lockdowns. This current administration was and still is hell-bent on destroying everything related to President Trump’s administration. Just look at the border as an example, he created this crisis in less than 60 days. He canceled the Keystone Pipe-Line and wam 40+ thousand workers out of work in the first couple of weeks. Wow, can’t wait to see what he does in the next 30 days or so. As soon as the Democrats had enough of the gaff machine they will invoke the 25th Amendment kick Joe to the curb and put in the person they really wanted K. Harris. Oh boy, that is something to look forward too. I wonder what services she will provide to other world leaders.

    1. Biden is such a liar, he wont even make sure our Border Control Officers have vaccines. ICE cant even check the immigrants for covid because the Fed’s wont give them enough test to check them. Biden’s worried about us washing our hands and wearing mask. He is the biggest problem of this Nation. But thats what you get when you elect a corrupt liar and a VP racist.

    2. Biden is not my president resist him and his full administration and any attempt to bring down the constitution

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