#1: Biden FORCES Revolting Choice On Americans

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  1. And the Pope endorsed this CINO (Catholic in Name Only) as a “decent man”…has a Pope ever been excommunicated? Might be time.

  2. Biden is gaining strikes against him everyday. All the babies that will be killed because of him while he spends his time sucking up. God will settle this!

  3. Maybe polosi, obiden, and crumbala harris’s kids will get free abortions as the dumbo crats promise. Can’t wait for all dumbo crats to get abortions.

  4. They just want to kill more babies so they have room for all the refugees they want to let in. And then brainwash them so they can turn into Democrats and take your jobs. That’s All!

  5. Maybe we all should quit paying our taxes, it works for sharpton. No money for the government, they can’t fund abortion clinics here or anywhere.

  6. Why is there a pope, anyway? There are other authorities in the world to talk to,like your own pastor. How about praying to God,himself? A pope who promotes murdering babies is not a man of God. He is following Satan.

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