#1: Biden Collapses – Coverup In Progess

The media is trying to cover this up. The wind? C’mon man.

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  1. It is very disturbing to me how some can be so evil and cruel. I don’t care for Biden at all but to wish harm to anyone is show just how much you are exactly the same as the ones you are against. Listen to yourself and repent.

  2. There must be a way to overturn this corrupt election with fake ballots, harvesting of ballots, dead people voting, people not living in a state voting by a ballot, hidden ballots under tables taken out in the middle of the night and changing name of Trump to Biden for voting (Georgia), Secretary of States not confirming the winner of the state, voting after 8 PM on Nov. 3 to many votes being counted for days thereafter, getting rid of witch Nancy Pelosi who has continuously cheated herself to the top of the House of Rep by paying Democrats to vote for her. We must find a way to bring back Pres. Trump who was the winner by a very large margin in the vote of Nov. 3rd. How can we overturn this corrupt election and bring back Pres. Trump? Come up with some good ideas and insert them on this “Leave a Reply”. We must get rid of the Democrats who are turning our country into a Communist country. WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN AND GO ON FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS. WE NEED PRES. TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE TO SAVE OUR REPUBLIC.

    1. Everything is too late. This administration, judges, FBI,HS ,CIA, top military figures, media, film industry, big companies are corrupted to maximum point . And regular people can not have any influence because they do not have ANY representation in government. Nobody want to listen to regular Joe.

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