#1: 60 Million AMERICANS Are FURIOUS – This Is A Disgrace

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  1. they would say lock these demorat bastards up and throw away the key . all demorat governors and mayors , judges and anyone who had something to do with voter fraud even some republicans . the devil hillary & bill

  2. I don’t know how they can stand by and not seeing the evidence that you know is the truth. To many people has sworn to have seen them do wrong and they have shown that they are wrong. No one will Ever trust Biden and that so called Vice President to do anything honest. President Trump needs to be put back in power. 4 more years!! He needs to make American great again!!

  3. And now little man fauci thinks every state should hand over, or have taken , their right to govern their own states , because the federal government , p. Harris and vp biden , can shut the country down completely and thus get rid of the rona virus for good ! ! Does anyone really believe that the states would be given back their rights ? If you believe that then I have a lovely bridge in San Francisco for sale ! Call me. Wink wink!

  4. For all the lying and dishonesty ,in the end, all that they will accomplish is their own loss of freedom. Don`t you see that crooked people will turn on you also? No intelligent person would be so blind as to remain true to a person that so easily betrays others. I do not care if they are Judges, Democrat, Republican or Congressmen–They will all receive back tenfold what they have done to all people in the Election ,the Fraud, etc. I pity the FOOLS. We are
    all tired of the bad LEADERS in All the places doing dishonest rulings and cheating we the people. Don`t they see? They will end up suffering too!

    God bless the UNITED STATES and all the people who strive to do fair and decent work.

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